Amy Mucha web design studio

Let's Create
Your Vision Together

Where to Start?

The act of creating a new web site does not need to be cumbersome or over complicated. I can help you to quickly achieve a truly functional, good looking and useable web site that focuses these 2 important key areas, simply:
  • 1
    The Purpose of Your Web Site
    Consider why someone would need or want to visit your site. This will become the foundation of your project and will help to draft the “blue print” of your web site.
  • 2
    Your Target Audience
    Narrow your focus to get your message out to potential clients. Your brand should appeal to the people that you want to reach. Do you know who these people are? Determine the characteristics of the average viewer you want to engage.
Whether you are looking to revamp your old web site or create a completely new one, I will work with you to design, develop and publish your web project; from “soup to nuts”. We will work together to hone your ideas and bring them to light.